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Nut Gift Boxes

Nuts are considered some of the more appealing gifts to offer during various festive seasons with Christmas being one of such festive seasons.

Nuts being a healthy snack that can serve as the added ingredients for cakes, candies, and other delights are considered by most as some of the more traditional gifts to offer during Christmas. The Nut of the month club fully understands this and prides itself on delivering the best nut gist boxes which you can use in sharing nuts with a loved one while also offering a bit more in the process.

Being a business that has been in the nut business for ages past, you are guaranteed the best experience and high-quality nutritious nuts along with it.

Why should you purchase your nuts at Nut of the month club?

  1. Monthly specifications.

One of the major benefits of getting your nuts at the nut of the month club is that you are offered monthly nut variations to choose from leaving you with a different choice, taste, and feel with every passing month.

We offer monthly nut suggestions and recommendations to choose from while also chipping in recipes and educative nutrition facts that you can share with the loved one of individual you are purchasing the nut for.

  1. Pricing

Another important benefit of getting your nuts from us is that we offer the best prices you can get for the value of there in the market. You offer payments and pricing in the form of monthly subscriptions which you can modify and opt-out whenever you feel like.

You simply signup, select your preferred monthly package, and that's all it takes for you to get your monthly nuts and recipes delivered to you.

  1. free Delivery

On dealing with Nut of the month club for all of your nut needs, you get to enjoy no stress in deliveries as your monthly nuts are delivered directly to your home for free.

You get to benefit from free deliveries which are a no brainer considering the stress it could take to journey down to stores, make purchases and then make your way back home.

  1. Free recipes included.

We understand the importance of learning and look to assist you in trying out new nut delicacies. We do this by granting our subscribers the opportunity to try out new nut recipes every month which delivered in the nut gift boxes which contains the nut of the month.

This awards subscriber the opportunity to not only try out their favorite nuts but also prepare them according to their wants or specifications.

  1. Multiple payment options.

We understand the importance of making the payment process as simple and seamless as possible and as a result, ensure that all of the modern and more common payment options are made available to you on checking out.

The payment options available to you when purchasing your nut gift boxes are the American Express, Mastercard, visa, and discover which makes purchasing from us very simple as all you need is input your card details, and you are done.

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