Fort Lauderdale Fresh Fish Market

Fort Lauderdale Fresh Fish MarketIf you want to visit a Fort Lauderdale fresh fish market, you need to stop by Finster Murphy's. There is no better seafood market anywhere on the coast of Florida. Freshness is critical when you are choosing a place to purchase fish or other seafood items, and this is primarily where Finster Murphy's excels. We provide fish and seafood items that are of the highest quality, and we are able to do this for several reasons. First, we are located just a few blocks from the waterfront. The harbor nearby is a major stopping point for fishing crews and some of the major boats that catch the best seafood items in the area. Our proximity to this seafaring activity allows us to take first dibs of the best seafood and fish each and every day when we open our doors. Second, we are able to offer the top products due to the fact that we have connections with some of the top fish sellers in the area. We have access to the top quality items that are caught and distributed anywhere along the eastern coast of the state. Third, we know seafood. We're avidly familiar with top quality seafood and fish and we make sure that everything we sell meets our own critical specifications. This is one of our top characteristics as a seafood company. For example, there are some characteristics we maintain specifically as a result of our commitment to quality. First of all, we make sure to always keep our facilities clean. There is a stereotype within the seafood market industry that the markets that sell fish always tend to smell like the briny, dank harbors where these fish are caught. This is not the case. In fact, the opposite is true. Markets that specialize in quality products rarely carry this awful stench, because this smell is nothing more or less than the smell of rotting seafood. If the seafood in your market isn't rotten but fresh instead, you won't have this smell in your market. Second, in addition to keeping our facilities clean, we make sure that all the fish we sell in our coolers maintain the distinctive veneer of freshness that fish aficionados expect and desire. If you're out shopping for fresh fish, make sure you find fish that have a metallic, shiny veneer. This is a sign of health. It is a sign that the fish was recently removed from the water, or recently caught, in other words. If the fish's scales look dark or cloudy, you know for sure that the fish was not recently caught but instead has been frozen and thawed at least once and kept on the shelf far too long. The top Fort Lauderdale fresh fish market is none other than Finster Murphy's. Fort Lauderdale Fresh Fish Market
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