Restaurant hood installation pittsburgh

National Hood Exhaust & Fire Group provides fast, courteous, and affordable restaurant hood installation in Pittsburgh. Getting your restaurant hoods installed doesn't have to be a major ordeal, nor does it need to be an expensive purchase. At National Hood Exhaust & Fire Group, we pride ourselves on providing great service for our clients at a price they can afford.

The Importance of Hood Vents in Restaurants

By law, all restaurants are required to have hood vents in their kitchens. In fact, hood exhaust systems are required in any commercial kitchen. Further, the law stipulates that hoods must be cleaned and well maintained (insurance providers and fire marshals are also picky about this). When hiring a company for professional restaurant hood installation in Pittsburgh, it's advised that you consider the long-term maintenance of your exhaust system.

National Hood Exhaust & Fire Group provides same-day installation as well as ongoing cleaning and maintenance programs to ensure that your kitchen remains safe and in compliance with local, state, and national fire codes. Getting a quote from us is easy. To get a quote, give us a call or fill out the form on the Home Page of our website, and we'll get back to your right away.

What Do Hood Vents Do?

Restaurant hood exhaust systems are designed to collect the excessive grease and grime that are generated by restaurant grills, friars, saute burners and other restaurant cooking equipment. Without an exhaust system above your cooking stations, many toxic particulates would permeate the kitchen's air and possibly spread out to the dining room, becoming a serious health risk for your employees and patrons.

Can I Have My Kitchen Crew Clean My Hoods?

Whether open or close, kitchen workers have plenty to keep them busy. During the day, truck deliveries have to be inventoried and put away; food preparation has to be done for the line cooks, and stations have to be set up; all of this and more in addition to cooking guests' orders as they come in and making sure the dish station is caught up.

Closing a restaurant is no small task. Floors have to be washed with industrial strength cleaners; walls have to be scrubbed; every dish, pot, pan, utensil, and a piece of silverware has to be washed and put away, food has to be weighed, wrapped, labeled and put away; stations have to be broken down and cleaned. Since time is so hard to come by, many managers will have their kitchen workers run their hoods through the dish machine. However, your dishwasher cannot remove all the grime on the hoods, and that grime is highly flammable if heated.

Let Us Clean Your Hood Exhaust System for You

National Hood Exhaust & Fire Group offers low-cost maintenance in addition to professional restaurant hood installation in Pittsburgh. We don't just clean your hoods; we'll clean your entire exhaust system. We'll make sure your fan is clean and is working correctly. We will repair or replace any hood exhaust equipment that needs to be replaced. We'll change your filter and make sure you're operating safely.

Restaurant hood installation pittsburgh

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